Basement Waterproofing


The dream of owning a home may differ for many. Whether it’s to have your own space or to raise a family, a home is a base, a haven from the cruel outside world. Many homes built throughout the 1950’s to today are still being built with basements as basements serve a multitude of reasons. Several different components are thought carefully into building and constructing a home, each extremely methodical and deliberate in nature. When it comes to the basement there is no difference. The basement is potential subject to harsh natural elements trying to break down the integrity of your home. Our team of experienced and certified professionals understand each stage involved in constructing and proofing a basement to ensure its durability over time. Should you require a consultation for a home you are planning on building or renovating a pre-existing home, call our experts today and let us facilitate in delivering a basement to last.


During the home building process several adhesive materials are used to prevent leaks, cracks or even to bond materials together. One of which is called a sealant. This sealant is utilized primarily as a preventative measure towards moisture breakthrough into the floors and walls of the basement. For your home, moisture is like a disease. Our team have extensive experience in utilizing proper sealants that last against a variety of external elements.

Interior water drainage

Basements serve several purposes in any household. Often time’s basements house one or more bathroom or even a laundry room. In this case, the room would require an interior water drainage that properly leads moisture and water away from the property. Too much water around the foundation of a home that the foundation begins to rot or crack as water can expand and contract. Let our team of professionals provide a consultation with you or your contractor to discuss the solutions we have in place to deliver proper interior water drainage. We work with all trades to perform a variety of renovations such as moving a bathroom, adding a shower, sink or moving the laundry room.

Waterproof Basement Tanking Systems and Cavity Drain Membranes

The last thing your property needs is a leak from either inside or outside the basement. As the moisture or water flows it will begin to jeopardize the structural integrity of the build. Wood will rot, insulation will be condemned, concrete will crack and the list goes on. Simply stated, water exposure serves as a major liability for basements. This is why our team of certified experts specializes in installing and maintaining proper systems such as waterproof basement tanking and cavity drain membranes. Talk to our service team today or setup a consultation for us to visit your home.

Structurally Integral System

The overall structure of your basement has several deliberate systems designed to protect your home and avoid costly repairs. The basement is designed to ideally be 100% watertight by crafting together materials and selecting the proper sealants that bond those materials together. Contact us today to find out how our team of professionals can help you and your family in securing the durability of your basement.