Concrete Slab Repair


At Midland Foundation Repair our team specializes in the application, maintenance and repair of concrete slab foundation. There are many detailed intricacies involved in the repairing of concrete surfaces. To avoid breaking an opening in the concrete and causing a hole in your floor or wall, our team will take the time necessary to review all options should there be one more accurately suited to your particular case. A concrete repairs can, in most cases be a very costly and urgent repair that if not tended too, could potentially cause larger issues. This is why our team of experts continuously innovates and evaluates our current methods and the new industry standards to ensure we are delivering our community the most up-to-date repair methods possible. Contact our team of servicemen today and we will offer a one on one consultation with you and your project to quote you the most affordable and timely repair available.


In many cases our team has required to use demolition to make necessary repairs to our clients projects. As bad as this might sound, in many situations it is the only available method to ensure the repair is done properly. Our project management team will provide deep and clear insight into the need for the demolition prior to taking any action. Our team are with you from start to finish and will remain until you are completely satisfied with the repair. We understand foundational issues and how the overall construction of a foundation is built, with this knowledge we are able to accurately diagnose and remedy any issue we encounter.

Caulking Cracks

In our industry we encounter new and varying challenges everyday. Nothing is ever the same however the crux of the issue remains consistent. Cracks in concrete can be described and illustrated in many different ways. The length, the width and the direction of all potential concrete cracks will all illustrate a story for our project leads to understand. Our project leads gather lots of information from the initial consultation about what the source of the issue might be. During a concrete repair, one of our teams commonly uses solutions, when dealing with cracks, is to caulk them appropriately with the accurate materials.

Spray application

Many of our concrete repair solutions require a spray application such as the polylevel. The spray application is an effective method to provide a bond but also a covering application that will serve to seal the concrete and any cracks that we are repairing. Our team is trained in correct spray application with a variety of materials and chemical substances. Many times cracks can be noticed in the floor or walls or even both. This required the horizontal and vertical application of the cracks. The spray application of these chemical substances varies substantially in the way they can remedy a crack. Our team will describe and explain these methods to you should you chose.


Often a concrete driveway can serve as an ideal entry into your home. However over time, as do most concrete slabs, you will notice light cracking or gaps caused from the elements. Much of this is very natural and is expected. Yet should it be more of a concern, without proper repair, this can potentially lead to larger issues that will continue to deteriorate the integrity of the concrete.