Concrete Slab Repair


Our team has a wide variety of repair mend and project leads that cater to a variety of concrete repairs. Because the use of concrete is so common in our area, we continuously develop our members to gather a strong understanding of concrete and the issues that arise over time. We understand that noticing faults or cracks within your concrete slabs is an uncomfortable experience that may lead to further concern. Our team is trained to describe the current state to you and further elaborate on the way our team intends to make proper repairs.

Smaller Cracks

During our time within the foundational concrete industry we have come across and noticed what can happen when a smaller concrete crack is not properly repairs. A small crack in the foundation may not seem like a concern to most however, during the changing climate conditions in our area, this small crack can begin to play a role as a major liability. Our team will gladly carry out a full inspection of your foundation as required and provide a full details inspection report to you. This will give you a strong understanding of what condition your foundation is in.

Color Match

Part of concrete repair is not only aligning unevenness, caulking cracks but also sanding it down to give it the seamless look it once had. This is an important process to our clients as during the repair we may require demolition to access areas covered by the concrete. Rest assured our team is well experienced in returning your concrete back to the fresh look it once had. This involves color matching but also smoothing and seamless trimming of any bonding or adhesive material used.

Beam And Block

This particular method is an option undertaken by our clients when implementing a concrete floor. It is an alternative to concrete slab flooring. This involves a multiple of inverted T beams crafted from pre stressed and prepared concrete pieces cut precisely to size by the architectural design plans. This option can often be widely accepted as time efficient, affordable, and simple for installation. The installation of beam and block flooring, because it has been prebuilt prior to arrival, does not come with intricate construction instructions or required skills. It is a fast and effective way to achieve a strong and durable concrete floor should you require an alternative to slab concrete.


Often the term ‘cement’ is commonly used to describe or replace the term concrete. However unknown to most, cement is actually an ingredient to concrete. Concrete is a methodical mixture of substances that create its finished product. Simply concrete begins with crush stone, sand and gravel then mixed with water and cement. The basis understanding of cement and its role within concrete is paramount to the effective repair and application of concrete foundations. Our team members are all versed with a thorough understanding of the makeup that is found within concrete. We are happy to share with our clients the effective process and methods we use to achieve our highest level of concrete repair.