Crawl Space Repair


At Midland Foundation Repair our team also covers the inspection and repair of your crawlspace. The crawlspace is an older form of foundational platform builds that provides a lifted surface from the ground below. The materials included in your crawl space are treated wooden joists, steel and concrete pillars. Damage to your crawl space can severely effect the foundation of your home cause potential concerns if moisture and settling are noticed. Our team can provide you insight into what to look at if you are curious if your crawl space is in need of repair. Ultimately if you happen to noticed cracking around doors, sloped flooring and gaps in the brickwork…you could possibly be faced with crawl space damage in need for repair. If these issues are not tended to, they can easily spread to the remaining regions of you home causing larger concern. These issues can lead to water problems, structural integrity problems, insulation problems and air circulation problems.


Our arch nemesis has got to be the potential for moisture to break into any foundation be it slab concrete or pier and beam crawl spaces. Moisture can be difficult to notice at first but it can take forms in different ways such as water vapor or humidity. When the moisture or water evaporates this will then rise and find its way through a weak or damage crawl space and eventually make its way to the remainder of the home. Easier ways to notice if moisture has contaminated your crawl space is if it has manifested into mildew or mold. Further from actually physical construction liabilities, the moisture can also cause unhealthy air circulation, which may lead to health concern for you and family members.

House Settling

Settling is the initial and is single handily the larger concern from most when a crack is noticed. However few really understand the causes and remedies for house settling. To accurately repair settling when it has impacted a property, you must understand if first it is actually settling and second how it can be prevented in the future. Frequently, settling is cause when the surrounding soils have been weakened and therefore create a unstable footing for any foundation. Part of the initial building process of any foundation is the compacting of surrounding soil and approval of the building lot. If either of these were not done properly, a home could easily be affected by settling from the improper methods used.


Our team of experts at Midland Foundation Repair specializes in the construction methods of the crawlspace and therefor is able to diagnose the potential repair of one when necessary. The simplified version of a crawl space includes a well-prepared soil building lot, floor joists, steel and concrete pillars. Over time any of these materials used can be damaged and require a repair. Our team will discuss with you the noticeable red flags that will lead to the possibility of a damaged crawlspace.

Moldy Crawl Space

To understand what causes mold in the crawl space of your home, we must first understand that moisture has made its way into your home and affected more than the circulating air. Mold is the result of unhealthy air circulating throughout the crawl space that can eventually cause mildew and mold build up. These mildew or moldy areas are a breeding hotbed for dust mites and bugs. Allow our team of experts to eradicate the issue and provide you and your home new and improved crawlspace with healthy circulating air for you and your family.