Polyurethane Foam Injection


From external elements and changing climate conditions come moisture and excess water. This then leads to potential damage to your concrete slab foundation. Our team has assisted several homes and clients in repairing their slab concrete foundation by using advanced methods and technology amongst our industry. One of the more common and popular repair options is to utilize the use of polyurethane foam injection. This can be used to protect your foundation from settling, erosion, moisture and water runoff. Our team of experienced professionals have gathered the appropriate technology and methods to stabilize soils, protect foundational platforms and fill leaks faster, more efficiently and cheaper than the rest of the industry. Call us today to find out how we can make it simple and straightforward for you!


Our team has been in the foundation industry for countless years and over this time we have noticed several different methods to correct settling, soil conditions, cracks and general unevenness. Slab concrete is becoming a more commonly used foundation method than pier and beam. One of the newly advanced methods our team uses is PolyLevel. This technology assists us in lifting slabs of concrete, cover and correct faults, and align any uneven floors or walls. Polylevel is an affordable and time efficient method to make sustainable repairs over time. Allow our team to discuss the effectiveness of PolyLevel and show you how we can rectify any and all concerns to your concrete slab foundation.


Even though there will always be new and improved innovations within any industry, this does not elimate old proven and tested methods for repairs a particularly common issue. Our team rarely, but when required, will adopt an older more traditional method such as Mudjacking. This method has been used since the early 1900’s to correct misaligned slabs of concrete. Our team has developed very effective techniques of how to maximize the effectiveness of mudjacking. Let us show you how we can use a range of solutions, new or more traditional, to effectively solve your foundational concerns.


When dealing with any deliberately, methodical aspect of construction, you should be using the utmost care and safety. This is ultimately for the homeowners but also the construction and repairmen building your foundation. Many of these systems and the materials required could be very dangerous if used improperly. This is exactly why our entire team undergoes regular routine training to maintain and develop their safety standards. Together we are able to delivery an unparalleled service to our clients and guarantee a strong and durability foundational repair.


With a well prepared and applied application of polyurethane foam injection, we are proud to advise that under standard use and routine wear and tear, our clients can expect a lifespan of upwards of 25 years. We will provide our clients with all the educational material necessary to nurture and review the foundational integrity over time. We aim to arm our clients with the knowledge necessary to maintain their foundation over time. Call our experts today to discuss how we can provide solutions to you and your family!