Pier and Beam Repair


At Midland Foundation Repair our services cover a wide variety of foundational categories. One of which includes the installation, maintenance and especially the repair of pier and beam construction. Pier and beam is style of laying the foundation for a property. Our team experts are continuously trained and therefore have develop a strong understanding for the advancing systems and technology used in engineering a proper foundation. Allow our experts to advise you on the pros and cons when considering pier and beam foundation versus other alternatives. We are also able to advise on proper maintenance as well as diagnose and quote a potential repair. As it would imply, the foundation is the core basis of your property and home. The importance of using the correct foundation system when building cannot be overstated. Allow our team to guide you throughout the challenges and deliver you the most suitable solution.

Changing Soil Conditions

Overtime a home and its foundation is put to test by several external elements. Winter, fall, spring and summer carry a range of different climates, which in turn will continue to test the integrity of the foundation. From these altering climates, will come an ever-changing condition of the soil surrounding your foundation. The last thing you want is to believe your property might not survive a rainstorm or snowy winter. The fall rain and the spring run off could potentially cause more water than your foundation can support. Nonetheless, our team of experts can provide you the confidence necessary to face the different climate conditions seen in our area.

Benefits Of Pier And Beam

When considering which foundational system is most suitable for you and your home, there really are only two primarily common types: pier and beam or slab concrete. With pier and beam the benefits provided might appeal to you, however the understanding of what they are and the challenges that accompany them should be understood. The Pier and beam method essentially provides an elevated lift from the ground surface making it easier for utilities to pass through your home while creating a crawlspace. Even though slab concrete foundation is more commonly used in today’s construction industry, pier and beam does provide a less costly option when a repair is needed. Our repairmen will not have to break through the concrete floor to make repairs such as damaged or broken pipes. Another primary benefit and purpose of the pier and beam method is to provide an elevation from the ground surface and thereby avoiding the grounds water and moisture issues.

Pier And Beam Makeup

Many of clients, when considering which foundational system is better suited for them and their new home, will consider the make up of each. In particular with the pier and beam method, the materials included in its construction are concrete pillars, steel beams, joists and gage steel joists. These are all carefully crafted together to produce an elevated surface for the house and thereby indirectly creating the crawlspace.


Many homeowners value their crawlspace as it creates an additional space between the floor of your home and the ground surface. Often times you can use this for storage and or run the required utilities underneath. The utilization and repair of utilities such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing are seen in many crawlspaces. The space between the ground and the floor obviously carries air and therefore naturally creates a more insulated atmosphere between the ground and the home.